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Welcome! About Us!

Cloudtop is a manufacturer of touch screens, specializing in researching, developing and manufacturing projected capacitive touch panels and resistive touch panels, providing optically bonding LCD panels to touch screens as well. Advantages of Cloudtop Electronic Technology                                                    ...

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Basically, we are a touch screen manufacturer with custom ability:
1. Quality Touch Screen Manufacturer Audited By TUV and SGS;
2. Quality Touch Screen Passed RoHS Tested by SGS and REACH tested by AGC.
Besides, so far since its establishment 10 years ago, no return product. Our quality products have been widely approved by clients and the market all over the world.
"The products you have supplied are very good quality and once again your communication with us has been excellent, thank you very much for your hard work."----Mr.Daniel Link
“Excellent, I love your products. And you always make delivery on time, which was a big problem for us before."---Rob Avenell
"Since we began to cooperate in 2014, our products received no claim due to your touch screens. I have to say your quality is awesome. We appreciate your support."---Kim

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