23.8 inch PCAP Touch Screen _ CT-C8133

23.8 inch Capacitive Touch Screen Panel

Model Number: CT-C8133

Viewing Area: 528.64 x 298.06mm

Outline Dimension: 560 x 335.5mm

Structure: Front Glass + Sensor Glass

Thickness: 3.9mm

Surface Hardness: 6H

Transmittance: 85%

Operating Temperature: -10℃~60℃, ≤85%RH

Storage Temperature: -10℃~65℃, ≤85%RH

Bezel Color: Black

Net Weight: 1.7kg

Controller: ILI2302

Interface: USB/RS232/IIC

Touch Point: 10-point touch

Operating System: Windows, Android, Linux and etc.

As shown on above picture, it is a USB interface connecting the touch screen to the mother board via a small controller board. We've got another controller board, supporting RS232, USB and I2C.

No matter is connected via RS232 or USB or IIC, it supports multi-touch up to 10 fingers.

It is glass structure, with 6H surface hardness, widely used on POS terminals, vending machines, game machines, medical and industrial machines.

Just feel free to discuss with us, if you have any questions or inquiry.

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