10.4" PCAP Sensor With Non-silk-printed Front Glass for Industrial Touch Display

Dongguan Cloudtop Electronic Technology Co., Ltd is a touch screen manufacturer, supplying capacitive touch screen and resistive touch screen, and touch display with OCA optical bonding and air-gap bonding technologies. Recently, we launched a 10.4 inch capacitive touch screen with no silk printing on front glass for industrial touch displays. It is with ILI2511 controller, USB interface, multi-touch, compatible with Windows, Android, Linux and Mac operating systems. 10.4" CTP image is as below:


Model No.:CT-C8125-10.4

Viewing Area:212.45*161mm

Outline Dimension:225.3*174.5mm

Aspect Ration:4:3

Total Thickness:2.9mm / 3.9mm


Interface: USB

Operating Temperature:-20℃~70℃

Storage Temperature:-30℃~80℃

      This 10.4" CTP, considering no silk printing on the front glass, is only suited for those with cover case. If your cover case is similarly as below:


Then, we will be pleased to custom the front glass for you, it could be printed the color as you like, you could also design your logo or letters on it. In this case, the visual effect and structure requirement could be met, meanwhile, you could save the NRE for sensor glass and FPC connector. 

For any inquires or further discussion, please contact:


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