How to Choose a Projected Capacitive (PCAP) Touch Screen, Saving the Tooling Cost at the Same Time?

For those people not in the field of projected capacitive technology (PCT) developing, PCAP touch screen is still a hi-tech product. Actually, PCT is quite mature at this time. But when looking for a PCAP touch screen, we are still facing a lot of difficulties, one of which is the tooling cost. Then how could we save the tooling cost when choosing PCAP touch screen?


First, we’d better understand that PCAP touch screen usually consists of sensor layer and cover lens. Second, we must have known that touch screen is mostly used on display panel. If we are aware of the two points mentioned, we could easily understand that sensor layer is designed according to the LCD panel and the viewing area is the key factor. Cover lens is designed as per your device and idea.


Therefore, we put our attention on the viewing area at the first sight and then consider the cover lens. Usually, it is necessary to customize the cover lens, as we are all different from others.


Following above method, we could reduce the tooling cost to some degree. If you are lucky enough, it is possible to find one that completely coordinates with your LCD display panel and device.


Certainly, customization is absolutely the easiest, the fastest and the most suitable way to meet your requirements upon PCAP touch screens.


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