12.1 Inch Industrial Grade PCAP-TFT-LCD Display

  •  12.1 Inch Industrial Grade PCAP-TFT-LCD Display
  •  12.1 Inch Industrial Grade PCAP-TFT-LCD Display
12.1 Inch Industrial Grade PCAP-TFT-LCD Display  12.1 Inch Industrial Grade PCAP-TFT-LCD Display

Product name: 12.1 Inch Industrial Grade PCAP-TFT-LCD Display

Category: PCAP-LCD Module

Item Number: CT-C8201

Operating Temperature: -20℃-+70℃

Storage Temperature: -20℃-+70℃

Resolution: 800 x 600 pixels

Product introduction:

Specification of CT-C8201 _ 12.1 inch Projected Capacitive Touch Screen Bonded With TFT-LCD Panel

This is a 12.1 inch industrial grade TFT-LCD panel from AUO (G121SN01 V403) tape-bonded with USB interface capacitive touchscreen panel (CT-C8201 _ 4:3 _ Glass-on-glass _ Multi-touch). The touch screen is powered by a 5V USB controller board from ILITEK(ILI2302), compatible with Android, Windows, Linux operating systems. 

Item No.


Structure PCAP + LCD Ration 4:3
PCAP Interface


PCAP Controller ILI 2511 Bonding Technology Tape-bonding 
Viewing Area 246.16 x 184.72mm
PCAP Outline 269.3 x 211.4mm

LCD Outline

279 x 209mm


6H Operating Temperature

-20℃-+70, 85%RH

Storage Temperature

-20-+70, 85%RH

PCAP Touchscreen Panel

12.1 inch PCAP Touch Screen

12.1 inch PCAP Touch Panel

TFT-LCD Panel Front View

TFT-LCD Panel Rear View12.1 inch LCD G121SN01V403

Pictures for Your Information

12.1 inch PCAP-TFT Glass Touch Screen With G121SN01V403
Luminance: 500 cd/m2 , higher brightness LCD is available.

Bonding Technology: Tape-bonding or Optical-bonding for option

Personalize service: We are touch screen manufacturer with custom ability. We could personalize the touch screen outline dimension, color, logo/text, shape, thickness and etc. We could also recommend the right tft-lcd panel with your required brightness, viewing angle, resolution, operating temperature and etc.

For your convenience, we could supply HDMI/VGA controller together with our PCAP-LCD module.


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